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The ABCs of Thrifty Teaching Tools: F - J

Alphabet Series by Kid Network Bloggers including Teaching Tools
F - J

This is Part 2 in my series of the ABCs of Thrifty Teaching Tools. Click here for A to E, K to O, P to T and U to Z.

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F -
Items for Activities, Alphabet Boxes and Blocked Letters: Frogs, finger paint, food, feathers, farm animals, foam stickers, fur, football,  flowers, food coloring, felt, fruit, fruit loops, fun, funnels.

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Wildlife FUN 4 Kids


FINE MOTOR Activities on Love, Play, Learn

Items for Activities, Alphabet Boxes and Blocked Letters: Glue, googly eyes, graham crackers, gardening, games, grasshoppers, guitar, grapes, ghosts, green, gum, glitter, goop, giggle.

  • Garage Sales: gently used books, games, puzzles. Sometimes the person having the garage sale with give items to you for free if they know it will be used in a classroom.
  • Grants: Perhaps a parent or the grade level teachers can write a grant for supplies, books and resources.
Make Up GAMES with Whatever Interests a Child

Benefits of Playing GAMES:
  • Social Skills: Playing games fosters skills in healthy competition, taking turns, sharing, listening, cooperating, good sportsmanship, how to handle disappointment, sense of belonging, and the development of problem-solving skills.
  • Vocabulary and Language: Interaction and communication increases word usage and comprehension
  • Math Skills: Following rules helps children learn to think logically and in sequence to reach a desired goal 
  • Reading Skills: Read or write down the rules.
  • Inspires Creativity: Encourage children to make up their own games with whatever they have or whatever interests them 
  • Physical Exercise: Outdoor games and  many indoor games work the muscles, improve coordination and release stress
  • Increases IQ: Playing games increases the number of new brain connections
Ideas for Games:

Taming the GRASSHOPPER as Pets
H -

Items for Activities, Alphabet Boxes and Blocked Letters: hand, home, happy, heart, hammer, hospital, hot dog, hug, hopscotch, horse, hedgehog, hog, hop, hair.

Hands: Trace childrens hands for reindeer antlers, turkey feathers, wreaths. Teach children how to make animals shadows using their hands.

I -

Items for Activities, Alphabet Boxes and Blocked Letters: Ice, ice cream, igloo, icycle, insects, imagination, idea, ivy, iris, ice skaters, iguana, index cards.

Ice Experiment:: Have children drop food coloring into ice trays filled with water. Freeze. Some warm day, take ice trays outside and watch cubes melt.

Igloo by Giggle, Giggle Kindergarten
 J -

Items for Activities, Alphabet Boxes and Blocked Letters: Jump, jump rope, jacks, jello, jelly, jam, journals, Jamberry, Journeys of TX Bear and Kindergarten Lunboxes Need Kids' JOKES.

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  1. What a great list of resources Susan! You can practically teach an entire year with just these great ideas! Boy, I wish I had you for a Kindergarten teacher!!!! You clearly were the best Kindergarten teacher EVER and I can tell how much you loved your job!

    1. Thank you so much. I'm really enjoying your series too. So many great posts in the ABCs Series.

  2. How cool is that recycled igloo. I actually contemplated making one - seriously. I could paint inside each plastic milk bottle and make it an animal burrow or something. That would take a while though.

    Thank you so much for featuring my smell post too!

    1. Our kindergarten level made an igloo out of milk jugs one year and put sparkling lights in the hallway - very fun for the kids as we studied winter, arctic animals and hibernation. Thanks for sharing your posts with me.


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