Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Journeys of TX Bear

At the beginning of each school year, I placed a stuffed bear on a tall cabinet. This was beloved TX Bear. He wore a red neckerchief.

I told the children that this special bear was watching the children to decide whose home he wanted to visit. This caused quite a stir. The week’s Super Star would be able to take TX Bear home along with his journal. The student was to draw a picture of what he and TX Bear liked to do. They were also encouraged to write about it with the help of their parents. When they brought the journal and bear back to school, I would proudly show the child’s drawing and read what the parent, or child, had written.

The children loved being Super Star but I think they loved taking TX Bear home even more. I put TX Bear in a bag with crayons and a notebook and off he went with the Super Star. I lost many crayons, neckerchiefs, a few bears, and several notebooks, but it was worth it. When a notebook was full, I put it in the classroom library. It was a favorite book for the children to admire and try to read or to find their page of memories.

TX Bear was taken to the park, swung in backyards, jumped on trampolines, slept in bunk beds and taken to grandparents. Occasionally, a parent concerned about germs would give TX Bear a bath in the washing machine. Good idea.

I bought yards of bandana material that was decorated with horses on sale and cut neckerchiefs for TX Bear. I made neckerchiefs for each child when we studied our great state of Texas. I didn’t bother sewing around the edges due to lack of time. Besides, stringy neckerchiefs are cooler. I let the children take the neckerchiefs home. They were thrilled because every child in Texas dreams of horses. 

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  1. Great suggestions, and I love the blog. My grandson starts kindergarten this year and what fun that will be. Thanks for sharing all of your ideas.I will pass this along to the teachers I know.

  2. Thank you so very much! You'll enjoy his kindergarten adventures - precious age.


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