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The ABCs of Thrifty Teaching Tools: P - T

The ABCs of Thrifty Teaching Tools an Alphabet Series with KNB
P to T

This is Part 4 in my series of the ABCs of Thrifty Teaching Tools. Click here for A to E, F to J, K to O and U to Z.

P -  
Items for Activities, Alphabet Boxes and Blocked Letters: Pom poms, pizza, pillows, puppets, puzzles, popcorn, porcupine, paint, playdough, paper towel rolls, pasta, pets, peanuts, pretzels, pictures, picture books, pipe cleaners, pinecones, pineapples, paper, popsicles, pop, packing peanuts, pogo sticks, pony, paper plate crafts, paint with straws, patterns, picnic, pig, penguin, princess, pumpkins, polar bear, Pin the Nose on...

My Little PONY Craft

Sock PUPPET for Fox in Socks
PREVENTION  & Consequences: Better than Spanking

I grew up PLAYING OUTSIDE often. What did I play?

  • Jacks - I was the Queen of Jacks – spent many hours on the front porch playing with old rusty jacks and the same golf ball
  • Jump rope
  • Skates - hand-me-down metal skates with a key to adjust size – not exactly speedy
  • Bicycles - old bikes my father kept repairing
  • Dolls were carted around in wagons and buggies
  • Kick the can
  • Basketball, softball, catch
  • Hola Hoop
  • Pogo Stick
  • Marble games in the dirt
  • Badminton
  •  Croquet - We didn’t have a set but our best friends did
  • Hide and seek
  • Hopscotch with a rock
  • Collections - I loved collecting locust shells in the daytime and fireflies at night. (To read the entire post, click on Back to the Basics: Play Outside.)
PILLOW FIGHT: Get Moving  Sumo
Pizza Box Kitchen

PATTERN Naturally

Items for Activities, Alphabet Boxes and Blocked Letters: Q-tips, quilts, quiet space, quarters, quick, Quaker Oats. 

from Rainbows within Reach

  • Quilt: Make a tissue paper quilt using different colors in squares
  • Quiet Space: Children will greatly benefit from a quiet reading space and it will give you some down time. A sheet or blanket over chairs works great.
  • Q-Tips: Children enjoy using a Q-tip, white paint and black paper for a stark contrast. If they are not sure what to paint, you could suggest a snowman at night with a moon and stars.

QUIET Time helps children and parents

R - 
Items for Activities, Alphabet Boxes and Blocked Letters: Read, rice, robots, races, rainbows, rope, recycle, re-use, restore, replinsh, ribbons, rocks, rubbings, rest, relax, respect, responsibility, rhyme, roads, rockets, rain.
REAL books or eReaders?

ROCK Gathering & Painting Helps Daddy

ROCK Letters

S -
Items for Activities, Alphabet Boxes and Blocked Letters:  Seeds, straws, sticks, spray bottles, sew, slide, swing, snake, snow, snowflakes, sensory bins, sun, shadows, shaving cream, sheets, salt, soups, share, service, science, Scavenger hunt, stamps, spatula, special, snickers, soap, sort, salt, sand, sponges, sticks, seashells, stars, seahorse, slime, shake, shapes, snails, sea, see, seagulls, sidewalk, stickers, spiders, socks, spinner games.

SLIME Recipes and Video
Wildlife Fun 4 Kids
Inner Child Fun

SPECIAL Needs Tips for Teachers & Parents

SENSORY Word Blocks
The Good Long Road

STICK Fun Down at the Farm
T - 
Items for Activities, Alphabet Boxes and Blocked Letters: Transporation, trains, trucks, tigers, tubes, tin cans, tin foil, tissue paper, toilet paper rolls, touch, taste, time, time out, tick-tock, tea party, tarantula, teams, t-shirt, ten, Tuesday, treasure hunt, tree, turkey, turtles, Twister game, think, thank you, things that go, thrift stores.

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  1. I love your list of old fashioned outdoor games! It's new to kids today and so great to keep them happily at play outside!

  2. That you so much for visiting. We played outside most of the time when we weren't in school - all inexpensive ways to play, explore, learn.

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