Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Teach Kids to Tie Bows and Make a Beautiful Wreath

Upcycle Materials to Teach Kids How to Tie Bows & Make Wreath & StartWrite
Are you trying to teach a child to tie their shoes? Here is a fun way for children to practiced tying bows while making a wreath from material scraps. Children will feel a sense of accomplishment as they tie long strands of material around a wreath circle. Or you can make a wire circle using a coat hanger. My grandson Brody made a wreath using wire that held a bail of straw together to make an upcycled gift that cost nothing - and helped him learn to tie bows. What a great gift to a mom or teacher - learning how to tie shoes!


Brody insisted that he take his wreath to his teacher for Teacher Appreciation Week. We included some homemade baths salts (Epson Salts and perfume) in an upcycled baby food jar, memo note pads, candle, and chocolate (teachers and moms' essential food group). For a biodegradable wreath circle use one made from wood fiber, straw or grapevine.
Upcycled wreath made with material scraps and old wire.

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  1. blow me away with your unbelievable projects! This one is super, inexpensive, educational...I love it. I've pinned it and shared it on Twitter and Facebook and Google+.

    I leave for Singapore in 2 weeks...just got back from a week in Chicago, helping my son and his wife with their brand-new baby girl. :)When I get back, maybe we can connect with a hangout.

    1. Thank you Vivian. Your blog is so amazing - can't believe how much you accomplish. Have a wonderful time in Singapore then let's "hangout" on google.

  2. Oh, I am going to link to this for my tying shoelace post. My husband's pet peeve as a soccer coach is that kids do not know how to tie their soccer cleats!


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  4. Thank you for stopping by my gratitude journaling blog today. Did you know I taught pre-school/kindergarden Sunday School for many years and loved it! In fact, I miss my kids and teaching! I loved watching the light bulb come on when they learned a new concept. It was very rewarding. I liked the wreath idea. My girlfriend's husband made me a wooden shoe that had long laces to teach the kids how to tie bunny ears. Again, thank you for your encouraging visit.

  5. Nice Blog! This kind of art projects are great to encourage kids art and craft activities to improve their skills. Beautiful tie wreath, I like it.


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