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"Graham Cracker Kid" & More on Kid Lit Giveaway Hop

Graham Cracker Kid & More picture book giveaways for Kid Lit Blog Hop

I'm very pleased to be donating 7 books (4 autographed) for The Kid Lit Giveaway Hop! It is open May 13 to 19th, 2013 in honor  of Children’s Book Week and hosted by Mother Daughter Book Reviews, Youth Literature Reviews and others. Over 90 children’s book or teen literature bloggers, authors, publishers, and publicists are giving away copies of fabulous books, gift cards, cash, or other prizes. What better way to celebrate Children’s Book Week than GIVEAWAYS! Here is what I am offering to a lucky winner in the US or Canada: 

Country Music Legend Tommy Overstreet 
7 No. 1 Hits, 26 Top Ten Singles

1. The Graham Cracker Kid and the Calico Girl, by the songwriting team, country music legend Tommy Overstreet and the late Dale G. Vest, is a touching and timeless story about two charming children in the Old West. The poetry is beautiful and endearing. This is a book to be treasured by generations of young folk but adults will enjoy it too. There is humor and suspense and a host of delightful characters that add joy and delight to every page rendered beautifully in oil on canvas by artist Jesse Anderson. (PreK to 2nd). eBook only $3.99.
2. The Fabulous Flying Flag Farm by Nancy Robinson Masters. (Ages 7-10.) Autographed. Ed Roy Odom was different. He kept squirmy things in his notebook. He put ketchup on everything he ate—even ice cream. He thought girls were dumb. Each time we said the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, Ed Roy would have the hiccups. On purpose. Nancy Robinson Masters is the author of over 40 books. A flag is included with this book.
3.  The Cotton Gin by Nancy Robinson Masters was published by Scholastic for Inventions That Shaped the World series. Autographed. Readers learn about the mechanics of the machine that Eli Whitney is often credited with creating and receive an overview of various models of the gin. Young readers will gain an appreciation for how new technology often affects history, economics, and society as they learn how the gin made removing seeds from cotton easier and faster - and the effects on the Southern plantations and the textile industry. (Elementary)

4. Extraordinary Patriots of the United States of America: Colonial Times to the Pre-Civil War by Nancy Robinson Masters. Daring! Defiant! Determined! Discover the extraordinary contributions of many well-known, little-known, and unknown American patriots who established a new nation unlike any other. Each of these brief biographies will inspire today's citizens to become the extraordinary patriots of the future. (Teens thru adults.) eBook only $2.99.

Nancy Robinson Masters
Recipient of the Scottish Rite Masons’
Stephen F. Austin Distinguished Service Award
5. In Grandma's Day by Paul Humphrey. Steck-Vaughn Company's Read All About It series inviting children to explore "first information" book. While visiting their grandma, two children learn about what life was like when she was young. Beautiful illustrations with only a few words on each page. (PreK to K.)

6. What about Hearing? Raintree Steck-Vaughn Published the What About Series presenting topics simply and directly. Both striking photos and art in a bold style support the clean, concise text. Captions add further information about this science subject. (Elementary)

7. The Happy Mommy Handbook: The Ultimate How-to Guide on Keeping Your Toddlers and Preschoolers Busy, Out of Trouble and Motivated to Learn by Katie Norris and Susan Case. Autographed. Okay~I realize this book is for moms - but you deserve it! And there are reading tips included to help your child enjoy the magic of reading. In this unique book, Mommy with Selective Memory presents parenting dilemmas, then I give child development explanations behind our activities so that you can play an active role teaching your child with hands-on discoveries and movement. A bestseller. eBook only $3.99.

The rafflecopter runs from May 13th through 11:59pm May 18th. Only US and Canada entrants please. But there are 90+ bloggers participating in this monumental book giveaway and some are World Wide giveaways. Please feel free to hop around all you want, but I hope you will come back and visit soon!

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Happy Hopping to Great Giveaways!

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How can we enhance children's
reading this summer?
What Jean Likes


  1. Great giveaway. Lovely to connect with you. I am in Oz so I can't enter but I hope you have a great book week.

  2. What a great idea! I know that with my own kids, we make a lot of trips to the library during the summer They love it.


  3. Join the library summer reading program.

  4. To enhance reading this summer we are starting a program with our library to log our hours of read aloud. We are also starting story e-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-r-s... But that isn't just for summer, it just happened to be the best time for us to start!

  5. We will read a lot of different genres including graphic novels, fiction, non-fiction and will try some poetry.

  6. We read books everyday. Thank you so much for this awesome giveaway!

  7. Fabulous post, Susan! I joined the link up but it doesn't display on my post as it does on list...just a link to click to be brought to the list...maybe I should just paste and copy the you think that would work? I love any of the books you are giving away...fantastic!
    Helping kids keep reading during the summer is so important. I love the passport the kids make a passport, with many pages for their 'visa entry'...the theme can be books/characters/foods/crafts from around the world or fairy tales or any other topic they are interested in. Each 'visa entry' page can be used to write a short summary of the book, illustration, why they were happy to read it, etc. At the end of the summer, when the passport is filled, there can be a prize...trip to a local museum or zoo or some other fun adventure.

  8. We're starting a daughter in preschool in the fall, so we are following preschool preparedness lists.

  9. We always fuel our little reading grandchildren with good books. We have a library room in our home with several cozy places to sit or curl up & get lost in a book. We also make lots of trips to the library & the bookstore to keep fresh reads on the shelves for them. We're going to try some group audio books this summer & I'm very excited about that!

  10. To enhance my granddaughters reading, I have been getting books from yard sales, and on discount tables and entering these bogs to find new books and things from them to read. They all (5) love reading

  11. Great blog and pinterest activities! I will enjoy looking through your children's activities. Getting children excited about reading will be my goal.
    Brittany at

  12. Thanks so much for your post in the Kid Lit Giveaway Hop AND the Kid Lit Blog Hop! My kids already read ALOT, but one thing I would like to do is have Sunday morning family reading time where we all cuddle up on the couch for at least an hour, each reading our own book. I feel good just thinking about it! Thanks for the giveaway.

  13. Summer reading was always a joy for me. Not all kids feel the same way. I plan to review some amazing books on my blog twice weekly.

  14. We homeschool year round so our kids never stop reading or studying Literature!

    bamagv at aol dot com

  15. our library has a challenge every summer that my older two boys like to do and my youngest (2 yrs old) loves to look at and have books read to him so I don't need to do anything special to entice him to read! :) :) :)

    rafflecopter name nicole krutz

  16. Are you giving away any books that deal specifically with gratitude? I have a list of books on that subject in a post called "Modeling Gratitude." you can find it here:


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