Friday, September 21, 2012

Show Me How! Book Review

Show Me How! Book Review

Show Me How! Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem through Reading, Crafting and Cooking by Vivian Kirkfield is a wonderful book for planning activities to build a child’s confidence – through fun hands-on activities and cooking while a child is being exposed to classic children's literature. The book is recommended for ages two through five but would also be a helpful resource for children of special needs and also parents who homeschool. It shows a guided way for adults and children to cooperatively engage in many avenues of child development through a love of books.

The Table of Contents will give you an idea of child developmental areas covered:
  • “One Picture Book is Worth a Thousand Words!” Building Self-Esteem
  • “I Can Do It Myself!” Mastering Tasks and Skills
  • “I’m Special!” Valuing Strength and Qualities
  • "I Love You & You Love Me!” Feeling Appreciated, Loved and Accepted
  • “I Am Really Mad Right Now!” Expressing Feelings
  • “I’m Afraid!” Acknowledging and Coping with Fears
  • “I Like Myself!” Developing a Positive Self-Image
  • "Tell Me One More Story, Please!” Creating Family Harmony and Balance
  • My Successful Routine Vivian details her successful routine for teaching preschool, kindergarten or children at home.

Within each chapter are perfect choices of children’s literature totally 100 books.  Vivian describes each book and has a Positive Parenting Partiicpation paragraph with insightful benefits in six child developmental areas. Then a craft is detailed and a healthy recipe included for each book.

The book is 230 pages with an index of classic book titles, craft activities and recipes. It is an amazing resource of information. Children will love you for teaching in a such a fun way.

I highly recommend award-winning Show Me How! to teachers, child-care providers, parents and grandparents of young children. You’ll have so many wonderful activities and recipes to coordinate with great children’s literature. It is easy to know that Vivian Kirkfield loves children and has the experience and expertise to help you build self-esteem in those children in your care or to give as a much appreciated gift. The book is available in Kindle and print format. With this type book, I prefer the print copy so that I can write in the "Notes" sections and easily access various topics. You'll have a treasure of ideas and books to share. You can visit Vivian Kirkfield's blog at Positive Parenting Participation.

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  1. Hi Susan; were you reading my mind today?? I just had my first conference this morning with my little Pre-K guy's teacher, who thinks his inappropriate "clowning around" is a cover-up for a lack of confidence. I've been sad about it all day, and didn't know where to start my research--but you just did it for me! Thanks!

    1. So glad you stopped by. I just visited your blog. Very interesting!

  2. What a lovely review, Susan! Thank you so very much...I hope moms, dads, grandparents and teachers take notice of what you said. And I loved how you highlighted that the book would be helpful when working with special needs kids. :)

  3. This book looks great. Do you know any books, or DVDs for teaching math. My third grader is struggling with basic concepts. Nothing really seems to work so far, she gets everything else just fine but math seems to trip her up. Math wasn't my strength either, but really it depended so much on the teacher or perhaps their method. I learned great with some and with others, I felt like they were speaking another language.


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