Kindergarten Reviews

This book is told from a teacher's
perspective to help teachers, parents
and children have a successful school year
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Kindergarten: Tattle-Tales, Tools, Tactics, Triumphs and Tasty Treats for Teachers and Parents:

Are you a kindergarten teacher who needs proven ideas and solutions for your classroom? This book will make you laugh and give you hundreds of ideas to help with behavior, reading, special education, science experiments, holiday celebrations, and recipes A-Z for Fun Fridays and for success.

Parents: Remember the innocent but goofy things you did as a kindergartner? Reminisce about your early years as you learn how to help your precious child become ready for school and have a successful kindergarten year. After reading it, you could give it to your child's teacher as a gift.

Chapter One: Teacher Tattle Tales
Chapter Two: Celebrate the Holidays--Celebrate Life
Chapter Three: A Smooth Move to School
Chapter Four: Reading--the Greatest Gift of All
Chapter Five: Science--Survival Specials
Chapter Six: Discipline--Combat Duty or Common Sense Tactics?
Chapter Seven: The Special Education Experience
Chapter Eight: Silly Sanity Lists
Chapter Nine: Recipes for Fun Fridays
Chapter Ten: It's a Wonderful World, After All

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Review by Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas
The author offers a wonderful peek into the world of kindergarten. It is full of insight, classroom stories, teacher tips, teaching ideas, recipes and much more.I can not tell you how many times I found myself smiling and laughing out loud at Susan's Teacher Tales and shaking my head in agreement with her Teacher Tips.  It's been a few years since I've been in the classroom full time and reading this book, transported me back into my own classroom experience. It made me think of the funny things that kids have said to me over the years. It made me laugh (& cringe a little) at my own teacher blunders and feel nostalgic for those wonderful moments spent engaged in learning and fun with my own students.

Susan's love of children and teaching shine through in this book. She shares so much information in an easy, approachable and conversational manner that both parents and teachers can easily read this book and benefit from it. Susan is very open and honest, sharing both her triumphs and failures so that we can learn and benefit.

I recommend this book to parents and teachers of preschoolers and kindergarteners without reservation. Not only will teachers walk away from it with wonderful tips and fun ideas to implement in the classroom but parents can use many of the same tactics at home with their children. ~Bern at Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas

"Kindergarten is the perfect read for early childhood teachers. It is full of funny classroom stories, teacher tips, quotes, and valuable teaching information. The book is set up in short snippets, which makes it an easy read. It has made me laugh, reminded me of my own funny teaching stories, and given me helpful tips for the classroom.” ~Mrs. Larremore, Chalk Talk 

Kindergarten was an excellent read with so much valuable information I highly recommend it. The Author Susan Case is a retired Special Education and Kindergarten Teacher. Her book Kindergarten is filled with lessons, tips, guides and tricks to teaching and raising a kindergartener. She shares tips and tricks she has learned over the years as a teacher. I really enjoyed the little tidbits and jokes. Chapter 9 is filled with recipes that are easily used for the classroom and integration to lesson plans involving themes and letter of the week. She also shares her experience as a kindergarten teacher in Texas. Lessons and experiments that did not work as well as ones that were favorites by students and parents as well. She explains her thoughts and beliefs regarding nap times, recess, show and tell, lesson order, substitutes and plenty of wild stories about her many class pets.
~Miranda Sherman, Moms Bookshelf & More 

  "Have you ever wondered what kindergarten is like these days? Susan's book gives you a brief, yet real glimpse into a typical classroom that doesn't have to be so typical! As a former K teacher myself, I was instantly engaged in Susan's funny stories about these loveable little children. This book was full of wonderful information for both teachers and parents. Her personable approach easily shines in every chapter as well as the love she has for the children and for teaching. She has such a natural way in sharing important information that every parent and teacher should know. She has inspired me to pursue more fun in my own home as I move toward preschool activities and homeschooling. Her anecdotes and jokes are a relieving offset to the demands of everyday teaching. She has many "just plain FUN ideas" that will encourage parents and teachers to dive beyond the regular routine of school. The recipes are easy and delicious. I can't wait to make many of these simple yummies with my son. I really wish I had this book when I was teaching." ~Shonda Knowlton at Milk N’ Honey Learn & Grow

"I really love this book. I have recommended it to teachers and caregivers who work with my autistic grandson, particularly those who are in school earning degrees for teaching or to be a Special Education therapist. I also recommend it to parents, expectant parents, and homeschoolers for the resources. It is a book you will come back to several times - if for nothing else than to laugh at one of the author's classroom stories (Erma Bombeck style). I consider it a must have book for anyone who wants to do their best for the children in their lives." ~Dopamalovi Book Critic at Alaskan Book Cafe

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I LOVE this book. It would be wonderful to have it used in college-level courses leading to an elementary education degree. It would be MUCH more useful to students planning to teach than were the books I studied in education classes. I appreciate the author's efforts to share some of the knowledge (and wisdom) she gained in her years of teaching. Fortunate indeed were both the children and the parents who could call her their teacher.” ~Lue Barndollar, What Really Happened on October 5, 1892

“Kindergarten is full of great advice for educators and parents dealing with this critical age group. If you believe that getting preschool and kindergarten right is important, this book is for you. It has many endearing stories and will give you hundreds of ideas and websites to help with behavior, reading, disabilities, science experiments, and cooking.” ~Dr. Doug Green

“Susan tells all sorts of tales about what goes on in school and how the children react and what works and what doesn't, so if I was a preschool teacher or parent, I would definitely read this great book. The stories are all pretty funny and you will laugh your socks off on some of them. It is true what they say about the innocent children. They ask or do some of the craziest things that leave us shaking our heads and wondering how or why did they do or say that? I think first-time teachers would really get a kick out of this one, especially if they have no set plan on how to get thru their first year teaching!” Mary’s Cup of Tea 

“Parents, teachers and those studying to become a teacher will learn what to do, and what not to do, as they journey through the author’s teaching experiences. Susan shares her encounters with classroom pets, uncooperative children, Show and Tell surprises, unusual experiments, and her beliefs on naptime, reading programs, behavior, and recess. This book is a guide for those who are teaching and raising young children.” ~Daria Marmaluk-Hajioannou, My Favorite Multicultural Books

                eBook just $2.99!         Trade Paperback just $12.95!

         Kindle $2.99      Nook $2.99          Amazon $12.95  Barnes & Noble $12.95
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