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Outdoor Play: Games & Benefits with 100+ Kid Bloggers' Hop

Play Outside: 100 Days of Play Blog Hop
Groovy Soaker Water Balloons fit easily under a spout for filling.
Learning to play outdoor games uses creativity, imagination, cooperation, and brain power by making up new games and participating in sports and games that have been around for decades. Playing outside games can teach a child social skills while releasing stress and forming friendships. Young children learn by using their five senses and movement. So much more can be experienced through the senses when outdoors while expanding a child's imagination. Even short periods in the natural world improve a child's mood and appreciation for our earth.

Do you want to make the water balloons last longer? Here's how:
  • Give each child their own bucket of balloons. Then they don't feel the need to hurry and toss them so they can have more balloons.
  • Have a towel toss. Larger balloons are good for this toss. The children grab ends of a towel and try to toss balloons without breaking them.
  • Have a relay race using the balloons.

Learning Croquet teaches children how to follow directions.

  • Playing outside develops strong bones, helps prevent obesity, works muscles, and improves mood by producing endorphins (the feel good hormone) with prolonged physical activity.
  • Humans need sunlight. Many people are vitamin D deficient and don’t even know it. If you are worried about skin cancer then remember sunscreen, hats, long sleeves and pants.
  • Playing outside strengthens the immune system. When children play in dirt or touch bugs, they are building up their immune system naturally to things in our environment.
  • People are social. We crave friendships for support, learning, and experiencing closeness to others.
  • Children are curious about everything. They learn by exploring and discovering using their five senses. They need opportunities to smell, touch, taste, see and hear different things in our environment including the dirty/messy stuff such as water puddles, rain, snow, and mud.
  • Peace and quiet will be appreciated. Have children listen for sounds in the stillness: Birds, crickets, wind, rustling leaves, feet splashing in water, or just enjoy the quietness of nature with no commercials bombarding your mind.
  • We are part of nature and playing outside develops an appreciation of our earth and the creatures inhabiting it.
  • Childhood memories will be built from making neighborhood friends which creates a sense of community and belonging.

Playing in nature releases stress and promotes creatively.

For many outdoor games, activities and ideas, see Back to the Basics: Play Outside.

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  1. Some fabulous ideas here! What kid doesn't love to play with water balloons?! Thanks so much for joining in our 100 Days of Play! I'm playing some catch up here. Your post has been linked, pinned, and will be shared over at SunScholars tomorrow! So happy to have you take part in our Blog Hop!

    1. I really worry that children aren't playing outdoors enough. They need fresh air, sunshine and exercise. I'm thrilled to be a part of this Blog Hop!

  2. Outdoor activities and games are not only entertaining for kids, but healthy too.

  3. Love these activities. I'm teaching summer school and will definitely include this kind of program to our activities.


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