Thursday, July 26, 2012

Teach Kids about Diversity with Multicultural Activities

We are living in a global community. We can connect, google, share, tweet, pin, blog, and comment all hours of the day and night. It's daylight somewhere, right?  It should be easier than ever to teach our children about world cultures and diversity. I'm including people with special needs because I am reminded every day how prejudices can affect people. My daughter has a seizure disorder. She has suffered from unkind remarks and people staring or wondering why she acts strangely sometimes. Yet she brings me more joy than anyone. Can we all try a little harder to see the good in everyone? Young children learn from their parent's attitudes and behaviors. They are great imitators of what you say and do.

5 Ways to Teach Children about World Culture and Diversity

We can teach children to respect and value others regardless of their skin color, language, or physical and mental abilities. Here are five ways to help children learn about differences: 

Children can learn about world cultures and different languages as they learn songs. Music crosses all barriers and transcends boundaries. Award-winning Daria Marmaluk-Hajioannou travels around the globe spreading the message of peace, tolerance and most importantly, fun, through her music for children. Daria believes that children need music that is not only enjoyable, but also positive and empowering.  Children can learn to create their own multicultural instruments that they might find by traveling around the planet. From Australia’s “way too funny” didgeridoo, to a box-shaped drum from coastal Peru, to recycled rattles, there are a multitude of ways to be creative with music as you shake, rattle, and roll.

Every month Daria has a monthly song and giveaway plus she also blogs at My Favorite Multicultural Books. Your children will enjoy learning this funny song while they watch her video of La Cucaracha (Dancing Cockroaches). Daria has songs and videos in many languages but I just discovered this beautiful video in which she sings in Yiddish and English.

Glittering Muffins features the amazing Around the World in 12 Dishes including a fabulous Linky Party.


Crayon Freckles started a Flat Stanley world-wind project and Sarah is enjoying it very much. It is always fun to get mail. Flats can teach children geography but also reading and writing skills by using the traveling journal. We are putting together the neglected puzzle of the United States and will buy a globe for a 3D hands-on experience of finding locations.  Sarah is excited to make new friends including Tiaras and Bowties and We Can Do All Things -- and I'm happy to connect with moms who also have Children with Special Needs. We have started a new Flat Stanley project for children with special needs.

There are 204 countries competing in 2012 Olympics being held in London. The Olympics inspire children to play new games or reach for new physical or athletic goals. If you are having a party while you watch the Olympics, here is an adorable printable for Olympic Party Fry Box Favors which can hold pretzels, celery, baby carrots, or crayons. For many ideas on celebrating the Olympics, world cultures, games, outdoor play, and children's activities, click on these Pinterest boards:

A love of reading = A lifetime of learning.
Ebooks to Own and Borrow! This is the last week (6) of MeMeTales Readathon and the theme is WORLD CULTURES. You can borrow books and OWN over 20 wonderful free children's ebooks for  viewing on the computer or Apps. Many correlating activities are offered. For every child who joins, a hungry child is fed through So far, over 8,000 meals have been donated and children have read the books over  80,000 times! It is easy to join, just click here. 

The Human Garden
memetales logo
The Human Garden
See more at memetales

The Human Garden introduces the concept of "unity in diversity" of the human race in a very simple and direct way.  The book begins by making the association between a flower garden and the world of humanity, and has beautiful illustrations on how the uniqueness of each individual flower adds to the beauty and richness of the garden, just as the uniqueness of each human being adds to the beauty and richness of the human race. Many other beautiful ebooks are available to own or borrow through MeMeTales including more of the popular Stickfiggy series.
My husband used to ask me why I didn't plant the same color of flowers around our house. He thought the landscaping would look good if all the flowers were red. I said, "If God didn't want us to enjoy all the colors, he wouldn't have made them." Dan stopped asking that question and I continued planting a variety of flowers in various shades and glory. With the WWW, there has never been a better opportunity for us to learn to live cooperatively together and benefit from each other's wisdom and experiences. Let us connect with respect, understanding, compassion and joy while we celebrate and learn from our differences. We may not know a person's language, but we can smile at them.
No matter what language you speak, everyone understands the
universal signs of happiness: Smiles, giggles and laughter.

For a glimpse into Kindergarten see my book. Would you like inexpensive ideas, activities, and games to teach your child through play? Mommy with Selective Memory and I can help save your sanity, one project at a time, with The Happy Mommy Handbook: The Ultimate How-to Guide on Keeping Your Toddlers and Preschoolers Busy, Out of Trouble and Motivated to Learn. Both have been No. 1 Bestsellers on Amazon.


  1. These multicultural activities are great. I have a theme unit at New Year's on different New Year's traditions and celebrations around the world. The students love it and are very excited to participate in the different countries' traditions.

  2. These are wonderful! You are so right about the reason flowers and other things are different colors.

  3. Our children have been exposed to other cultures just from our lifestyle with the foreign service. This is so important. We can learn so much from others. Love the post!

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